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Urban Planning & Development

urban planning development and exploitation of the sites

New urban projects begin in good real estate investment successful exploitation of the site and the recruitment of all the potential to break the draft and post a real estate investment with high economic efficiency with the flexibility of the job can catch up and cope with possible future changes, and to determine the best use of the site work to prepare an economic feasibility study of a new project aimed at identifying the elements economic exploitation of the site and to achieve the best economic return for the project through the identification of the appropriate use of the building and the development of functional and spatial program and the level of implementation appropriate.

In this area we are working to provide excellent investment opportunities and innovative in the field of real estate and development in accordance with the methods of scientific thought, and at the same time, the return of investment to meet the expectations of investors.
And can be summarized in our area of real estate development, including the following:

1- Search for the best locations for investment and presented to the owner
Provide the best real estate opportunities to our customers through a network of cooperation and communication with the best real estate offices in Jeddah so look for good land sites to the client or the long-term investment, which is commensurate with the requirements of the real estate project in terms of target size and location are the attributes of an excellent and close to the requirements of the customer expected

2-Study of the exploitation of the work site
3- Alkruki extraction.
4 -Engineering plans and work schedules of quantities and the adoption of the project from the municipality.
5-Review and completion of existing schemes, specifications and quantities of the current project.
6- Preparation of bidding documents of all project disciplines.
7-study the project through value engineering
8-Coordination with  the interior designer
9- Evaluation of contractors for implementation.
10- Bidding implementation
11- Clarify and explain questions bidding.
12- Evaluate the offers in coordination with the implementation of the owner.
13-Discuss and award presentations - in coordination with the owner.
14- Site management and delivery contractors.
15-Management of the implementation period.
16- The cost of implementation and management of the non-rise.
17- The direct supervision of the implementation through the resident engineer, and engineer's visitors.
18- Administrative services necessary to manage the project.
19- Review and adoption of the contributions of contractors for implementation.
20- Examination and preparation of the final implementation of the observations of others incomplete.
21-The preparation of plans as built dwg. The final draft.
22-Coordination and follow-up with the Office of Marketing

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