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Construction Management


Project management is a substitute for supervision, but more comprehensive supervision for being interested in the elements of project management (quality, time, cost).


MAHECO Adopt project management methods and engineering methods to achieve the objectives of scoffed at the owner of the project in terms of reducing cost and increasing the quality and commitment to the execute  of the project.


Where we are working on the representation of the owner of all its responsibilities and obligations for the execute  of the project, through the provision of system engineering for the management of the project supervision and follow-up, preparation and execution of implementation plans, as well as the fragmentation of the project and placed on contractors and the provision of support and the necessary coordination between the different disciplines to complete their work and pleased with all the flexibility and the lowest price possible, and to inform owner at all stages of implementation through periodic reports.


The following is a brief explanation of our project management:


1 - Preparation of all contract documents for the implementation of the project with contractors for implementation:


After the termination of the adoption of the final project plans are reviewed by the municipal plans and project documents are classified and then tender the implementation of the project disciplines that depend on the Plan of Implementation and the fragmentation of the project and following the preparation of these manuals enclosed with the bidding plans and specifications and quantities of the project.


2 - Value Engineering


"Value engineering is the organizer of a collective effort to analyze the functions of the project and their conformity with the objectives and requirements of the owner and the beneficiary is then to devise alternatives to lead those functions and achieve the goals the lowest possible cost without compromising quality and the core functions"

And starts the application of systems engineering life-cycle of the project value in reviewing the implementation and revision of drawings and documents necessary for the contractor bidding contractors to implement the project implementation, preferably conducted by a specialized engineering team is completely different from the design team, and then the results of the study to develop recommendations for improving the performance of ad valorem the project and the possibility of reducing the cost of public and raise the necessary recommendations to the owner.


3 - Coordination with the interior designer - Works (ID):


Many of the projects show some conflicts and technical problems due the lack of coordination between the engineering design of the project design and interior design - which may lead to increased treatment cost and degree or quality of implementation in terms of function and form.
Therefore, we must coordinate with decor designed to reconcile the decoration schemes and other engineering plans for the project to achieve the objectives of the owner to obtain the best possible quality and lowest cost.



4 - Evaluation of contractors for implementation:


Prepare a list of specialist contractors for each project, in part, and then the evaluation work required ensuring their competence for the work of the project by meeting with their representatives and to discuss and get acquainted with and visit their previous projects.


5 - Implementation of competitive bidding for all parts of the project:


It was the preparation of manuals for each project tenders in part by the need to attach documents and project plans required.


6 - To clarify the queries of all the contractors for the tender:


During the bidding phase - is the answer to all queries and contractors to clarify the needs of all the tender documents and, if necessary, the preparation of the necessary details or descriptions of specific questions which require this.


7 - Offers assessment of implementation:


After the receipt of bids by the implementation of the project before bidding; those offers will be evaluated according to the system as compared to the value of a tabular presentation of each item of the project - and then be submitted to the owner of the evaluation report is attached.


8 - To discuss and award bids:


Based on the results of evaluation of bids and contractors in coordination with the owner to be awarded the bids on the implementation of proper tendering contractors.


9 - Delivery Location:


Delivery of the project site for the official implementation of contractors - in addition to determine the location of the contractors in accordance with the implementation plan in advance of the project site that is not incompatible with the work site.


10 - Planning and managing the implementation of the project:


Program planning is the time for all the project activities in accordance with the following:

The preparation of the schedule for all the stages and items of the project.

Review and update the progress schedule of work activities in accordance with the site.

Review of contractors and implementation schedules in conformity with the timetable of the project.

Prepare a progress report for the progress of work at the site.

Determine the materials required by the implementation of the launching of the item to provide time to work - so as to reduce the volume of material storage site, and the provision of waste materials, and to avoid delay.

Planning and regulations to reduce the period of implementation without compromising the required quality and cost of specific

Periodic follow-up with contractors to ensure the implementation of the path is correct and their conformity with the timetable of the project.


11 - Planning and management of the cost of implementation:


Planning is the cost of implementation of all project activities in accordance with the following items:

Prepare a budget for the project.

Analysis of the project budget.

Project cost estimate for each item / and the entire project.

Study of the project and to recommend the general budget of the project.

The cost estimate for the change orders

the cost estimate of the potential additions to the project.

Value analysis to evaluate the tenders.

Discuss and determine the cost per change order.

The completion and adoption of cost-per-order change.

Identifying and assessing the schedules of cash flows for the implementation of the project.

Review and adoption of extracts contractors - and to prepare a periodic report to the progress of work and the cost of implementation.


12 - Reports of Project Management:


To ensure the transfer of the real picture of the progress of work on the project site and submit the following reports for the owner (the preparation of reports for all the procedures for implementation):

Prepare a weekly report of the site.

Preparation of monthly financial report.

Prepare a progress report reflects the progress of work at the site - through all stages of implementation.

Prepare a progress report of the progress of work and the cost of the project.

Prepare a progress report to the project contractors.

Preparation of the report of the cost variability of orders (if any).


13 - Supervision of the site:


Is to provide all basic services for the supervision of the site - which has been explained to the subject of supervision of implementation.


14 - Administrative Services project site


Provide all necessary administrative requirements of the project site - such as:

Secretarial, system files and archives.

Meetings of the organization and management of the site.

Preparation of reports and minutes of meetings and distributed to participants.

The application of the work and workers on site.

The application of security systems and safety online.


15 - Engineering Services for review and approval:


Review and scrutiny and the adoption of all deliveries contractors - such as:

Scrutiny and the adoption of the operational plans.

Scrutiny and the adoption of the articles.

Scrutiny and the adoption of the samples.

Scrutiny and the results of the examination and adoption of the specifications.

Scrutiny and the adoption of schedules.

Scrutiny and approval of accounts engineering (structural, mechanical, health ....).

Scrutiny and adoption of plans and schedules for contractors.

Quality assurance .


16 - engineering services for the receipt of the project (Final Handover):


The procedures for delivery of the primary items of the project are done as follows:

The examination and tests for the initial detection and the preparation of the observations to be carried out or addressed.

Following receipt of submissions from the implementation and review of contractors to ensure the quality of work performed:

* Completion of the implementation of the work according to the schemes.

* Receipt of a certificate to ensure the quality of implementation.

* Conduct operational testing and receipt of operating manuals

conducting final checks and to inform the owner that the observations are still not being addressed by the contractor.

certification of completion of the receipt - and work on the completion of extradition proceedings in the final after the date of receipt of the primary.

The issuance of the last installment is disbursed to contractors for implementation.

Reservation value of 5% until the final delivery - if the contract provided that




MAHECO Offer of the engineering supervision services through our headquarters in Jeddah to all our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the public sector and the private sector.


And the fact that good supervision is a very important factor to control the quality of the implementation period - The importance of supervision, including the following:
1 - good supervision is the eyes of owner to watch on contractors and Active work.
2 - Supervision of the good is the guarantor of the implementation of the matching standard specifications required for the specified quality level.
3 - good supervision is the guarantor to complete the project on time.
4 - good supervision avoid  incremental cost resulting from poor implementation errors.

because of the importance of good supervision in all stages of implementation of the project starting from the establishment phase and the end of finishers or interior decoration, we offer in MAHACO to our services overall supervision, which covers all acts of implementation ranging from construction work (stage bone) and even finishes workers and interior decoration, and through the engineering team covers all engineering disciplines (architects, interior design, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical).
To achieve flexibility with our contractual supervision services - we offer our services through contractual three methods are:

1 - overseeing visit: - It is for all engineering disciplines and calculates the cost of a visit by the hour, and the system required for this book an appointment with the engineer in charge.

2 - partial supervision: - through a preset schedule ministers of all engineering disciplines - and the cost of this system a lump sum specified period of completion of the project and pay the monthly installments.

3 - overall supervision: - where they are assigned a team of engineer project manager, observers and engineers supporters in all disciplines required , and is determined cadres required and the period of their work based on the needs and size of the project implementation period, and determine the cost of the system based on the size of the team supervision, payable in monthly installments


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